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The following 2024 grants are available to Louisiana veteran and rookie teams:

Grant Name
Team Status
Grant URL
Raytheon Technologies
2023-2024 FIRST Team Grant Program
Link coming soon - deadline Sept 2023
Must be registered with a team number
Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation Team Grant
Must have a Rockwell Automation employee mentor
Funding levels vary for new and returning teams and will cover costs normally paid to FIRST by teams such as for registration, robot kits or parts, and field setup kits.
Bayer Foundation
2023-2024 Bayer Fund FIRST® Grant
Must be within 55 miles of Bayer facility (Luling, LA)
Registered Teams with a team number
REV Robotics
Team REV Sponsorship
Application opens mid-July
Rookie and Veteran
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What if we don't have the required mentor for the grant?

Some of the grants above require a mentor from the company.  

But what if you don't have a connection there?

  1. If there is a company contact in the grant application or description, email them and ask how you can request a mentor.

  2. Check with the parents of your team members.  You never know who might know someone who works a the company.  Ask if you can use their email address or...even better...ask if they're willing to spend some time mentoring!

  3. If neither of the above pan out, contact your Regional Director to help make a connection. 

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