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Nominate a VIP

VIP Experience nominations are due March 1.  You must complete the entire form by that date in order to have your VIP considered.  We will try to accommodate all of the qualified nominations. 

To qualify, a VIP must meet the following 3 criteria:

1.  Funding 

The nominee is a direct or indirect link to potential or current funding for the Regional Event, for multiple teams, or for all programs in the state.  Please note:  funders for single teams do not qualify,

2. Growth

Individuals who represent an opportunity for growth of the FRC program in the state.  This can be a prospective team, a school administrator or principal or a community group leader, for example.

3. Change

These are individuals who can create positive change, in support of any type, for FIRST or STEM programs  in the state.  An example would be someone from government at the state or local level. or a community leader who has the ear of those who influence support of STEM in the state.

Nominate a VIP
Wich Event?
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