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Magnolia & Bayou Team Notice

In this special edition: Quiet Rooms

In an effort to make sure that our regional events accommodate everyone, both the Magnolia Regional and the Bayou Regional will have quiet spaces and a quiet room available for your use. These spaces can be used by teams, mentors, volunteers or public as long as they are used appropriately.


Quiet Space: Volunteer Lounge when not in use for meals

This space is always supervised by the volunteer coordination staff or an adult volunteer. A team adult is not required for a minor to use this space.

Appropriate Use Examples:

  • Overstimulation, headache, conflict resolution, approved meetings

How to access:

  • Request access to this space at pit admin. Pit administration staff will decide if the access is appropriate and if an adult mentor or guardian is required to escort a team member to the space.

Quiet Room: minors must be accompanied by a team adult and one volunteer assigned by our volunteer coordinator

Bayou Regional - This is a locker room off the hallway near the Machine Shop

Magnolia Regional - This is a mobile trailer accessible from the loading dock area

Appropriate Use Examples:

  • Medical need for quiet or less stimulation (i.e. Migraine headache, dehydration)

  • Nursing mothers

  • Prayer

How to access:

  • Visit pit admin and ask for access to the quiet room.

Both the quiet room and quiet space are NOT appropriate for the following examples. *

  • Team Meetings

  • Phone calls

  • Personal conversation

  • Homework

  • a need to "just get away"

*At the Bayou, you can use the Mezzanine for the below examples. At the Magnolia, you can use the tented area or outside spaces as long as they're not in use for event specific needs.

In addition to the quiet room, each event will have the following accommodations for anyone who needs them until they run out:

  • ear plugs

  • side shields for eyeglasses

Our ED&I sponsor for the Magnolia Regional is Mississippi Power

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