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MAGNOLIA Special Announcement: No Outside Food Inside

Food and drink from outside the magnolia center will no longer allowed inside the building.

In previous posts and website notes, I let everyone know that sack lunches would be allowed inside the Magnolia Center. I also let everyone know that this wasn't meant to be a tailgate. This was a courtesy that the venue gave us. Unfortunately there were some teams that didn't stay within the sack lunch concept and brought cases of snacks, food and sodas inside the building. Because of this, we've been asked to keep any food not purchased at the venue outside. You can bring in water and your water bottles, but the hauling of food and drinks into the stands isn't going to fly.

We have the tent outside, where you all are welcome to eat your own lunches. You can still eat concessions and team meals purchased from the venue inside the arena.

There are lovely green areas outside around the stage where the Blues & BBQ party was. Please be sure to keep all of the areas where you eat clean.

This venue has been wonderful for us so far and we want to be respectful of their rules and their space.

Thank you for being understanding, gracious professionals.


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