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When Dean Kamen founded FIRST, he set out to build a culture where scientists and engineers are as celebrated as athletes are to inspire generations of young people to dream big about what they could accomplish with their STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills. As he’ll tell you, creating FIRST was never about the robots. It was about creating a sport where every kid could go pro:

  • A sport that combines teamwork and the excitement of competition with hands-on STEM skill development and a culture of inclusivity and community.

  • A sport that demonstrates the value of Gracious Professionalism®, as coined by Dean’s early collaborator and FIRST Distinguished Advisor, the late Dr. Woodie Flowers.

  • A sport that gives kids direct access to professionals and role models who they can not only see themselves in, but also who are in careers that offer real opportunity – delivered a fun, collaborative, coaching environment where they learn how to how to fail safely, empathize with others, communicate, innovate.

  • A sport where every kid can participate and play a meaningful role – from programming the robot to designing the team logo to fundraising and pitching sponsors to teaching younger peers. This dynamic environment has helped us build an inclusive community that celebrates how STEM is for everyone.

Together, those elements work to make FIRST and our global community truly More Than Robots.



MORE THAN ROBOTS (Disney Trailer)

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